My Pleinair Exhibition – My Journey so Far 

I am an experienced Staffordshire artist who enjoys painting in oils. My work is mainly inspired by my natural surroundings. Over the years, I have entered prestigious art competitions.


I am delighted to be having a solo Pleinair Exhibition at a fabulous art studio and gallery in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. Running from the 6th of July to the 24th of July, a very warm welcome awaits you.


A selection of artwork by Lisa Oakley

A Selection of Art Work Being Prepared for the Exhibition


Entitled ‘Discovering Pleinair ‘ as, for the past three years, I’ve been discovering my local surroundings with fresh eyes and a renewed vision. I have also travelled further afield, in the continuous search for interesting subjects to paint.


The upcoming exhibition is a collection of over 70 pleinair works, covering a wide range of subjects from landscapes, seascapes, urban landscapes and still lifes.


Spring Lambs Painted at Tixall Farm


This exhibition explores my growing interest in our natural surroundings, and goes on to explore the dual challenges of experimenting with style and colour. Over the last three years I’ve learnt so much, and developed (I hope!) as a unique Pleinair Artist.


I am continuing to enjoy the challenge of outdoor painting, and later this year I am going continental for the first time, with a planned painting trip to Italy.


Where and When


The exhibition will be held at The Art Studio Gallery in Newcastle–Under–Lyme from Saturday 6th of July to Wednesday the 24th of July.


Opening Preview


Opening preview is Saturday, the 6th of July from 2 pm – 4 pm, and I would love to see you there.




The art studio gallery, with free customer parking, is situated at:

Unit Seven, The Barracks

Barracks Road




Opening hours


Opening hours are:

Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm

Saturday 9:30am till 4pm


Online Viewing


Online viewing can be found on the gallery website

The Art Studio UK

Also, on my own website where there are links to the art studio

 Lisa Oakley Art


You can also follow the exhibition on Facebook and Twitter




A Magical Winters Morning at Shugborough Hall

A Winters Day  at Shugborough Hall

I was delighted to be photographed by the National trusts volunteer photographer at a recent visit to the estate during the bad weather.I was wearing 3 coats and was freezing the whole estate looked magical

Many thanks to the National trust for sharing .

Here is me starting the oil sketch




This was the finished Pleinair oil sketch /study

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Happy New Year

Wishing you all a happy New Year I hope you have had a great Christmas !

I haven’t posted in quite a while, So I thought it would be nice to start 2018 with some new blog posts showcasing some of my oil sketches done in the  latter end 2017 in and around Stafford .

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Radford Meadows Stafford

River Penk Flood Plain

Not far from where I live is Radford Meadows. The Meadows form part of the River Penk flood plain. This is an important wetland for the local area soaking up the extra excess rainwater especially at the time of winter flooding.

River Penk flood plain

River Penk flood plain

Walking along the towpath of the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal you get these amazing views when you across the meadow where you can get a true sense of the history and importance of this area.

The meadows are maintained by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and the plain creates a wonderful pasture land for grazing cattle in the summer and in the winter months and glorious wetland area for birds.  Teal, wigeon, lapwing and snipe and other rare breeds can often be found here as well as rare trees.

I am very inspired by this area and find myself returning time again to paint and sketch.


I have painted many plein air paintings of the Radford Meadow including:

Cow Drinking at Radford Meadows

Cow Drinking at Radford Meadows by Lisa Oakley

Cow Drinking at Radford Meadows by Lisa Oakley

Autumn at the Meadow

<img class="size-full wp-image-212" src="http://www.lisaoakley cialis generika” alt=”Autumn at the Meadow – Lisa Oakley” width=”692″ height=”537″ srcset=” 692w,×233.jpg 300w,×349.jpg 450w” sizes=”(max-width: 692px) 100vw, 692px” />

Autumn at the Meadow – Lisa Oakley

Sunset at the Meadow

Sunset at the Meadows - Lisa Oakley

Sunset at the Meadows – Lisa Oakley

My latest painting below shows an example of a painting from the Radford wetland Meadows that I have worked on in the studio:

Radford Meadows Flood Plain

Radford Meadows Flood Plain by Lisa Oakley Staffordshire Plein Air Artist

Radford Meadows Flood Plain by Lisa Oakley Staffordshire Plein Air Artist

To purchase Radford Meadows Flood Plain see here or browse the Lisa Oakley Artist Shop


Welcome to the Website of Lisa Oakley

Lisa Oakley is an artist specialising in painting and drawing . She studied at phentermine Nottingham Trent University. Her work is inspired by her natural surroundings

Originals and prints are available of her work and Lisa is also available for some commissions. Please contact us for more information.